DRAG-ON is a heavy duty, tactical and versatile deer drag system specifically designed for either manual hand dragging, ATV and horse drags. This innovative new deer drag is very easy to use, strong, multifunctional, compact, and light-weight. DRAG-ON was born in the steepest mountains in the continental USA – the Wellsville Mountains of northern Utah! This tactical deer drag was invented, out of necessity, by a group of Utah backcountry deer hunters. They realized that none of the deer drags on the market were designed to handle the rigors of dragging a deer out of difficult landscapes in the backcountry.

The Wellsville Mountains of northern Utah. The steepest mountains in the continental USA!

DISTINCTIVE FEATURES of this amazing new tactical deer drag:

  • HEAVY-DUTY: It has a working load of up to 600 lbs. which is more than enough for even the largest deer.  It comes with two Aircraft Grade Aluminum Carabiners that are rated at 2,697 lbs. (12KN rating). These lightweight (0.9 oz) and hardcore carabiners come with an optional locking system for extra attachment security.
  • EXTRA LENGTH: The DRAG-ON comes with a stylish Blaze Camo nylon webbing that is over 8-foot long. Many existing deer drags only have an unacceptable length of a 4-foot drag rope. We designed the DRAG-ON with the extra length so that it can be used to drag your deer out of the most difficult landscapes with ease.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: This deer drag has an unlimited number of adjustable lengths thanks to our dual carabiner length adjustment system. By simply connecting and two carabiners in multiple configurations, the web length can be adjusted to virtually any length needed.
  • OMNI-ATTACHMENT CAPACITY: This deer drag gives you the option of manual drags with the pull handle or of a direct and positive attachment, via the heavy-duty carabiners, to drag with your ATV or horse. This is another revolutionary feature of this versatile deer drag!
  • EASY TO USE: No more pesky knots! The DRAG-ON uses a carabiner attachment system thus eliminating the need to tie and untie those stubborn knots that result from dragging a heavy deer. This feature alone makes the DRAG-ON deer drag very valuable to any hunter!
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This tactical deer drag is only 12-inches long and weighs only 10 oz (less than a pound) making it the perfect choice for assuring that your backpack stays light and efficient.
  • IDEAL HANDLE SIZE: Our 12-inch heavy-duty black PVC handle is not only strong and comfortable, but it is also strategically designed so that it is big enough for two hunters to pull together when needed.
  • DETACHABLE PULL HANDLE: With one simple click of the carabiner, the pull handle can be removed so that the 8-foot webbing can be attached directly to your ATV, horse saddle or sled. The pull handle can also be attached with the carabiner to help drag your boat, etc…
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The sky is the limit for all the ways that this deer drag can help the total outdoorsman! Drag your deer manually, with an ATV, with a horse, pull a sled through the snow, hoist and secure your campsite food away from that hungry bear, pull your boat with the handle, extend the leach of your field dog, use the carabiners and webbing to help hang your hammock, set up a quick laundry line to dry your clothes, and even use it as a backcountry step-stool. What a great addition the DRAG-ON will be to the backpack of any serious outdoorsman! 

Time to put a DRAG-ON in your backpack!



Hunting Season is here!  Time to put a DRAG-ON in your backpack!


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