The worldwide search has begun!  

Become a “SoccetBall Control Freak”!  We at Prodigy Sports are searching under every rock of the four corners of the globe from Antartica to Australia looking for the “Elite of the Elite” who possess freakishly amazing ball control skills.  Those who impress us will be invited to join the illustrious team of SOCCETBALL CONTROL FREAKS

Send us your video:

Contact us below by submitting a video link showcasing your ball control skills.  Make sure that each video showcases your juggling skills as well as your ability to kick, head or knee a ball into a basket or trashcan (thus emulating the skill needed to score with a real SoccetBall goal).   Everyone one who makes the cut to become a Control Freak will be featured far and wide on social media in order to showcase their SoccetBall control skills to the world.  Note:  The top 3 individuals chosen as elite Control Freaks will be given a free SoccetBall ball!


Here is an example of an elite Control Freak:


Submit a video link to become a SoccetBall Control Freak candidate: