FC Barcelona SoccetBall Competition

Following the Barça Legends’ debut at Camp Nou, we have a fun video aimed at showing one of the more unorthodox training activities the former players have ever taken part in — FootBasket, a game consisting of shooting the ball into the basket without using the hands. The players paired off into the following teams to see who was the master of this hybrid game: Belletti and Simao, Kluivert and Edmílson, Nadal and Ezquerro, and Carreras and Déhu. With each pair getting two chances to put the ball in the basket, who will win? Check out the video and see for yourself!

SoccetBaller Smashes World Record

Local Yocal Smashes Dude Perfect’s World Record!

When the world is looking for greatness, it will always find it housed within the small towns of rural Utah.   A small-town Father and Son from Tropic, Utah decided to promote their two small businesses by attempting to break a Guinness World Record.  Rob Brannon and his son, Josiah Brannon (aka, “The Ripped Ranger”) leveraged their SoccetBall training skills to break an existing Guinness World Record held by YouTube Superstar, Tyler Toney, (the Bearded Guy) of DUDE PERFECT.  Josiah smashed the Guinness World Record for the “Farthest Basketball Shot Made with the HEAD” on June 24, 2019, inside the Bryce Valley High School gym located in Tropic, Utah where Josiah played basketball in High School.  Josiah broke the world record by a whopping 14 inches using his life-long skills in SoccetBall. His new world record is: 38 feet, 3 1/2 inches – the distance from the half-court line to the basket using only his head! Josiah, who was born in Africa, and his family invented SoccetBall while living in Chad, Africa.   Rob owns “Prodigy Sports International” a sports innovation company and Josiah owns “JB Fitness” a personal fitness company. The Josiah and Rob are presenting a copy of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD framed certificate to the student body of Bryce Valley High School, where the world record was broken, in order to challenge the student-athletes at BVHS to break another basketball World Record by this time next year!    


On January 11, 2018, Prodigy Sports International pitched our innovation company featuring our flagship game innovation, SOCCETBALL, at the ABC SHARK TANK open call in Las Vegas, Nevada!

What an amazing opportunity this was!  We enjoyed every minute of this Shark Tank audition event!  We were very pleased with all the attention that our SoccetBall innovation got at this open call in Las Vegas.

SoccetBall is a very easy game innovation to showcase at these types of exhibitions because it is a game that combines soccer and basketball into one exciting and fun new game!

The presentation went very well!

What a great experience this was for us.

African Backstory behind SoccetBall

While working as a linguist in Chad, Africa, my family and I had an unexpected encounter in the year 2000 with twelve young forgotten and neglected boys from our rural village in the bush town of Lai.  This isolated African village had no paved road, no running water, no phones nor electricity.

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2nd Gen SoccetBall Game Set

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