On January 11, 2018, Prodigy Sports International pitched our innovation company featuring our flagship game innovation, SOCCETBALL, at the ABC SHARK TANK open call in Las Vegas, Nevada!

What an amazing opportunity this was!  We enjoyed every minute of this Shark Tank audition event!  We were very pleased with all the attention that our SoccetBall innovation got at this open call in Las Vegas.

SoccetBall is a very easy game innovation to showcase at these types of exhibitions because it is a game that combines soccer and basketball into one exciting and fun new game!

The presentation went very well!

What a great experience this was for us.

African Backstory behind SoccetBall

While working as a linguist in Chad, Africa, my family and I had an unexpected encounter in the year 2000 with twelve young forgotten and neglected boys from our rural village in the bush town of Lai.  This isolated African village had no paved road, no running water, no phones nor electricity.

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2nd Gen SoccetBall Game Set

News Flash! The Second Generation SoccetBall Game Set is now available from Gopher Sport! Go to our SHOP to follow link to the Gopher Sport website to purchase your new SoccetBall Game Set. Check out Gopher’s new SoccetBall promo video:

The complete SoccetBall Game Set by Gopher Sport: