On January 11, 2018, Prodigy Sports International pitched our innovation company featuring our flagship game innovation, SOCCETBALL, at the ABC SHARK TANK open call in Las Vegas, Nevada!

What an amazing opportunity this was!  We enjoyed every minute of this Shark Tank audition event!  We were very pleased with all the attention that our SoccetBall innovation got at this open call in Las Vegas.  Not only did our pitch go very well before the SHARK TANK casting crew, but we also were flooded by a multitude of newly minted SoccetBall fans who took pictures, videos, and our business cards!

SoccetBall is a very easy game innovation to showcase at these types of exhibitions because it is a game that combines soccer and basketball into one exciting and fun new game!

We believe that our chances of being invited to appear on Season 10 of the SHARK TANK are very good!  When we exhibited SoccetBall before the casting crew, many people in the audience of about 400 were captivated by the game as they watched us showcase it in front of the auditorium!  After our presentation, we had scores of people come up to us asking for more information!  Individuals from the Shark Tank crew to other contestants to the convention center security guards all wanted to hear more!

One huge sell point for us appearing on the SHARK TANK with SoccetBall is that we will bring several famous professional athletes with us from the MSL soccer and NBA basketball world!  These famous athletes are going to light-up the TV studio showcasing this flashing and exciting new crossover game!  We can’t wait to throw some tantalizing chum before the Sharks to provoke a feeding frenzy as we seek to clinch a sweet business deal with them!  We believe that our chances are great!

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  1. Mikayla Pettibone

    Uncle Rob, that is so cool! I wish I could’ve been there with you!

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