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Ultimania is a fun and inclusive team game that is played much like the sport of Ultimate Flying Disc.  The goal of the game is for each team to move the flying disc down the field and score by throwing the flying disc through the Ultimania goal.

  Ultimania is a game that motivates the players to develop coordination and cooperative play attitudes in an inclusive and fun-filled environment.

Rules of the Game

  • Field of Play – Ultimania uses a rectangular shaped field with a Ultimania goal at both ends.  There are no out-of-bounds in Ultimania.
  • Equipment of the game – Two Ultimania goals and one flying disc.
  • Initiating Play – Each point begins with both teams lining up next to their respective goals. The defense throws the flying disc to the offense.  A Ultimania game typically has seven players per team (number of players may vary according to need).

  • No Goal Keepers – There are no goalies allowed in Ultimania.  Each defender must guard one of the players on the other team and not the goal.
  • Scoring – Each time the offense throws the disc into the defense’s goal, the offense scores a point.  Play is initiated after each point scored.  Players may shoot at either side of the opposing team’s two-sided goal.

  • Moving the Disc The disc may be advanced in any direction by throwing a pass toward a teammate.  Players may not run with the disc. The player with the disc has five seconds to throw the disc.  The defender guarding the thrower counts out the five second stall-count.
  • Change of Possession – Upon intercepting the disc, either in the air or on the ground, the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.  After a missed pass, either team can recover the disc on the ground and continue play.
  • “Non-contact” Game – No physical contact is allowed between players.  Picks and screens are also prohibited.  A foul occurs when contact is made.
  • Fouls – When a player initiates contact on another player, a foul occurs.  When a foul disrupts possession, the game resumes with the team that was fouled retaining possession.
  • End of Game – The game can be played to a designated goal or time limit that you can set.

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