The Game of Bocce-Baseball

Bocce-Baseball combines concepts from the games of Bocce Ball and Baseball into one exciting new game!  Bocce Ball (pronounced “bachi”) is a well-known and popular yard game played around the world.  It is a ball game closely related to British “Bowls” and French “Pétanque” with common roots from the ancient games played in the Roman Empire.  While on the other hand, Baseball is a popular sport played around the world using bats and balls where two teams compete by advancing around the 4 bases on the field.  Come discover the new combination game of Bocce-Baseball – an exciting and inclusive new game that combines game-play from both Bocce Ball and Baseball into one game!

Brand new game innovation from Prodigy Sports International!

Stay tuned!  This game is under production in partnership with Gopher Sport.  More details will be forthcoming once the equipment is available.